With school out, kids have free time on their hands. Summer is a perfect time to try fencing. Our Summer Camp provides new fencers with a week of activities devoted to building a solid foundation on the basics of Sabre. Activities include morning games, blade drills, equipment handling, and lots of time outdoors.

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This program is for athletes who have never fenced before or have little fencing experience. New fencers learn the basics of Sabre through footwork and blade-work while practicing proper blade technique and developing quick response time.

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Intermediate-level fencers have limited experience in Sabre and are beginning to compete at tournaments. They work on perfecting their form, speed, and strategy during practice and are encouraged to practice with more advanced fencers to improve.

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This program is for advanced level fencers who aspire to become fencing masters. Becoming a master of Sabre takes years of practice, perseverance, dedication, and hard work. This program emphasizes constant bouting between its members, private lessons with coaches, and frequent participation in tournaments. Program members fence against coaches regularly and participate in drills focused on perfecting their Sabre form.

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Every Saturday, fencers are encouraged to come and practice with each other and with coaches in 2 hours of free fencing. This kind of practice, nick-named “Fight Club,” is a place for fencers to practice the skills they have been learning in real-time, on-the-strip bouting. Open Sparring is included in club membership, and participation is encouraged.


Have you ever wanted to try fencing, but never got around to it? Good news! We offer parties for people of all ages. Do you want to fence for your birthday? Are your children interested in sword-fighting? Did you want to take your co-workers out to a night of sword-fighting fun? We got you covered. Events will include a verbal introduction to Sabre fencing, a group lesson with a coach involving basic footwork and blade-work, access to clean equipment, and free, real-time fencing at the end. Contact us to book a party or event.